Phil Van Every Charlotte Trail of History

About the Foundation

Founded in 1961, the Philip L. Van Every Foundation enriches the lives of North and South Carolinians through its generous support of worthy nonprofit organizations working to strengthen their communities in one or more of the following focus areas: Human and Community Service; Education; Healthcare and Rehabilitation; Arts, Culture & History. As the former president/chief executive officer of Lance, Inc., and Mayor of Charlotte, Mr. Van Every understood the importance of an education, quality healthcare, rehabilitation, community service and the cultural arts. His passion for these causes and desire to provide financial support to organizations addressing these issues inspired him to create the foundation which bears his name. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina and dual resident of coastal South Carolina, Mr. Van Every cared deeply about the communities in which he lived and worked. To date, countless Carolinians have benefited from the more than $50 million investment made by the Philip L. Van Every Foundation in North and South Carolina communities.

The Van Every Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that work to fulfill the legacy of Philip L. Van Every, a successful entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist.

Mr. Van Every's business and civic contributions to the region have been honored with the following permanent displays in Charlotte: (2012) a bronze plaque located in "Legacy Hall" at the Luski-Gorelick Center for Philanthropy; (2019) a bronze statue located along the uptown portion of Little Sugar Creek Greenway as part of the Trail of History.